Pacific Gold Agriculture, LLC (“PGA”) is a leader in sustainable and dynamic orchard management of quality tree nut orchards in California.  Our goal is to enhance long-term orchard productivity, profitability and sustainability.  Our expertise is based on developing customized, sustainability-driven management strategies using data collected and analyzed on the orchard block level to optimize inputs and maximize outputs. 

Benchmarked Returns to more accurately measure our impact

We develop productivity benchmarks to effectively monitor how we achieve our returns so that we can better understand and improve how we manage each block and each orchard.  By collecting, maintaining, and analyzing block level data, we are able to generate a more accurate benchmark with which to measure our work. 

Our objective for using benchmarked returns is to enhance quality yield and farm profitability for long-term productivity while at the same time purposefully improving our social and environmental footprint. 


Increasing quality with sustainability practices

Producing healthier and higher quality nuts by integrating sustainability and responsibility concerns in our orchard management decisions, allows us to develop superior marketplace partnerships and offer end consumers tree nuts that are not only better for personal consumption but also better for our global community. 


Sustainability, land stewardship, and social responsibility

We embrace the use of technology and continuous innovation in alternative energy sources, irrigation efficiency, orchard fertility and evolutionary cultural practices to achieve improved productivity and sustainability goals.  We manage the properties as long-term stewards of the land and the local communities, with consistent economic, social and corporate responsibility and respect. 


Alignment of Interest

By generating transparency of our management inputs, processes and improvements through technology, we create accountability and alignment of interest between our farm workers, farm managers and farm owners.  Our team has a shared philosophy of generating high productivity and profitability by creating high quality product within a framework of environmental and social responsibility.  Proper incentives enhance both efficient and effective resource use and production.