Arbor Nutrio is a PGA affiliated, sustainability-driven investment manager that acquires orchards and grows returns in California.  We offer investment through separately managed accounts to meet the specific investment objectives of each client.  We have designed proprietary systems to enhance our operational and investment expertise, allowing us to conduct more relevant analyses of our data and thus have better control over our orchards for more effective risk mitigation and improved risk-adjusted returns.     


Capital appreciation and income generation

This real asset investment is a portfolio diversifier with attractive return potential from long-term land appreciation and annual nut yield.  The returns have little to no correlation to paper assets and have a lower risk of severe volatility during market corrections and economic shocks.

As a permanent crop, tree nut orchards provide potential for higher per acre prices and higher current income from crop yield compared with row crops. 


Operational expertise driving performance

We believe the true drivers in orchard returns are management techniques.  We generate a significant impact on returns with improved sustainability-driven soil management, irrigation systems, cutting-edge technology, and human capital.  Our approach to orchard investing combines decades of operational and investment expertise to have better control over our investments.  Effective control over land and crop yield through to exit is key to enhanced returns.  Our team has a proven track record of producing solid cash flow for our orchard owners over a long-term investment period. 


Vertical integration across the value chain

An integrated ownership structure and process promotes better alignment of interest, clearer communication, and improved transparency and control across the vertical.  Better control of the entire supply chain can mean capturing additional margin and improved risk mitigation.  From production to processing and cold storage, sales and marketing to full logistics and transportation, vertical integration across the entire process provides investors with more accountability and cost efficiency. 


Enhanced risk management with transparency

An investor who choses to acquire a portfolio of orchards through Arbor Nutrio has the opportunity to take advantage of proprietary systems that have been put in place for enhanced transparency and analyses, a clearer understanding of what is driving or hindering performance, to allow for more informed, operational and financial decisions for more profitable outcome.  Our style of transparent management fosters alignment of interest amongst workers, orchard managers, and investors, and better flow of information for more effective management of fiduciary, headline, food safety, and other risks associated with investment. This level of accountability flows through to our clients in the form of detailed reporting to meet our client’s institutional reporting needs. 



Sustainability driving profitability

In light of the importance of sustainability considerations for the continued health of trees and the land they grow on, Arbor Nutrio provides institutional investors with an investment opportunity through which they can align their positive ESG initiatives with profit objectives. 


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The California advantage

The state of California offers some of the most attractive farmland in the world with rich, fertile soil and Mediterranean climate found with less than 3% of the earth's land surface.  The dry summers and long growing seasons are ideal for tree nuts.  California is the #1 tree nut producer and exporter in the world, and the 6th largest economy in the world.  And, we are the largest pecan producer and processor in California.